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How to identify good and bad Acrylic

1, the first observation is: This is based on the characteristics of the acrylic material itself to judge. At the time of purchase to observe the plate if there is a serious fade or not high gloss transparent enough, if there is then the poor quality acrylic. Another observation is relatively simple: the contrast acrylic instructions, read the instructions and the actual situation of acrylic sheet is consistent, if we find inconsistencies can roughly determine acrylic sheet informal oh.

 2, the second is the transparent method: The principle is extremely high light transmittance and acrylic are white light through the later, it will not absorb light and color recognition method derived, by the light emitted white light through acrylic, if you find yellow or blue color is not correct then the acrylic mass as defective.

3, the third is a hot-melt method: also known as paste method, the principle is to use the good times and the acrylic sheet acrylic sheet paste is not the same degree so distinguished. Inferior quality acrylic sheet melt will be put together after difficult to separate, good quality acrylic sheet is easily separated.

4, the fourth combustion method: You can experiment with a small combustion acrylic sheet, acrylic sheet quickly if severe burning, it indicates that the quality is not inferior acrylic.

5, the fifth is the Packaging Act: good quality acrylic material, soft edge packaging is very good, soft acrylic sheet edge defective color looks very complex impurities. In the industry, this material is called a joint plate. Of course, a good quality acrylic sheet in the price would surely be of inferior quality acrylic sheet to be expensive.

6, sixth touch method: depends on the color, pores, when the thickness of the selection. Surface bright color, creamy hand feels a sense, a close look at the surface is not small pores, if there is a sense of lime on the surface, a closer look will be some small pores, so more calcium material toughness difference